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Google releases its Google Glass Mirror API

Close on the heels of reports that the Google Glass Explorer edition is now in production and the first wave of units will soon be shipped to the developers who have signed up to be part of the Glass project, Google announced the release of Google Glass Mirror API on Monday.

The API - was first teased by Google's senior developer advocate Timothy Jordan at the South by Southwest event some time back - will enable the developers to start creating apps for Glass.

Microsoft working with Asian suppliers on designs for touch-enabled ‘smartwatch’

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report, citing the information shared by the executives of Microsoft's suppliers in Asia, Microsoft is apparently exploring the possibility of a `smartwatch' --- a move which is on the lines of similar smartwatch-related efforts some other tech bigwigs, including Apple, Google, and Samsung.

If it is not an emergency, visit GP

Non-emergency patients are set to face trouble with health chiefs turning them away from A&E departments.

People who come into the non-emergency group, are being asked to visit their GP.

From next month onwards, NHS Lankarshire will join NHS Borders, in having health professionals assess patients. They will figure out the condition of patients and term them as serious or non-serious.

Every year, over 6000 A&E patients are seen by the three health boards.

AV-Test study: Bing produces nearly ‘five times’ more malware than Google

According to the findings of am 18-month study carried out by AV-Test, Microsoft's Bing search engine apparently produces nearly `five times' more malware than its bigger rival, Google.

The study - titled `Google vs. Bing: Search Engines Deliver Infected Websites as Their Top Results' - recently inspired headlines on the blogosphere; giving the impression that, when it comes malware, Bing is five-fold worse than Google.

Apple to use modified LED backlight apparatus to make next-gen iPad thinner and lighter

According to a Thursday-released CNET report, citing information shared by NPD DisplaySearch via email, Apple is apparently aiming at making its fifth-generation iPad notably thin and light, by using a modified LED backlight apparatus.

‘Flying’ iPad gets wedged into Georgia woman’s car

According to an amusing story from Atlanta's ABC57 News, a `flying' iPad recently got stuck in the front bumper of a car belonging to a Georgia woman named Alexa (Lexie) Crisa.

As per the report, Crisa was driving down the road when she noticed that something had suddenly screened towards her Nissan vehicle. Though she immediately applied the brakes and braced for the impact of the `flying object,' she neither heard nor saw anything.

Two Lulzsec hackers plead guilty to high-tech attacks on Sony, SOCA and The Sun

According to reports, two members of the notorious hacker group Lulzsec have pleaded guilty in court to the high-tech attacks - launched during the 50-day period of between February and June 2011 - on websites of several companies and organizations, including Sony; the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA); and newspaper publisher News International's The Sun.

‘Google Glass’ headgear already banned from casinos, strip clubs, cinemas

In a move apparently aimed at preventing the use of the `Google Glass' futuristic headgear maliciously, the device - which will be widely available towards the end of this year - has already been banned from some places like casinos, strip clubs, and cinemas.

The reason behind the ban of Google Glasses in the mentioned places is an upshot of the fact that the front part of the eyewear has a small camera that is capable of sound-less filming, which means that people would remain absolutely clueless about their actions being recorded by the wearers of Google Glasses.

Riches Get Richer in the UK, Total Household Wealth Rises Manifold

According to a new research, although the total household wealth in the UK has increased by manifold, yet there are signs that show that the society is dividing gradually.

The total household wealth in the UK has touched the record high of £7trn. This wealth accumulation is more with 10% people from top economic strata, as they have built up the assets at a much faster rate. Thus, people belonging to medium and lower economic classes have not been getting the assets at that fast rate.

Sony announces pricing and release date for its new 4K Ultra HD LED TVs

The details about the pricing and the launch date of Sony's 55-inch and 65-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TVs - which were introduced in January, at the 2013 Consumers Electronics Show - were recently announced by the company.

According to the announcement made by Sony, 55-inch XBR-55X900A and 65-inch XBR-65X900A 4K Ultra HD LED TVs will be notably more budget-friendly than the $25,000-priced 84-inch 4K TV. While the cost of the
55-inch model will be $5,000; the 65-inch model will be priced at $7,000.

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